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An idea has been launched : creating the Guild of the " Paysans " with the youth from Binche. This idea was proposed to the " College Notre Dame de Bon Secours ", who received it with enthusiasm.

The city allocated special resources to the College School so that the Guild of the Paysan could be born.


The work of Mr Labrique is at the origin of the costume of the " Paysans ". The costume is made up of a blue “sarrau” (shirts) and white trousers. Only their headdress is rich.

The hat is composed of two feathers and of one ears of wheat. The costume is also made up with a game bag .


Charles Deliège inaugurated the Paysan’s statue, a Christian Leroy’s work, at Batignies.


The “ Paysan ” also wears, as the " Gilles ", a mask made up of a wax created by Mr Pourbaix, the famous mask’s maker. Contrary to the Gilles, there's no moustache on the Paysans' mask.

November 1999

The Paysans' Guild chose at his headquarter a café called “Les Inséparables”.
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